Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to spend a sick day

My oldest was home sick so Jay and I took turns staying home with him.  I took the baby to school and came back home to take care of my patient.  I love the age of independence, while he couldn't go to school because of fever, he was perfectly fine.  He watched tv and played all day long.  This gave Mama an opportunity to get some stuff done without a baby attached. 

I finished this crayon valance about a month ago but it still didn't look complete.  My original thought for the window was this funky fabric for some basic curtains but came up with the crayon instead.  So I busted out the original fabric and stitched up some curtains real quick.  The fabric was pretty thin so I just doubled it up with basic black.  They still didn't fit so off to the fabric drawers I went.  I wanted to add some ruffles but boys don't do ruffles but they might if they're blue.  It's hard to make something so gender neutral for both boys and girls.

After both panels were done, I used my handy staple gun to adhere them to the back of the crayon and hung that bad boy back up on the wall.  Now if I could just get my butt in gear to get some wall art up.