Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Pillows

I've  been reading craft blogs for a while now and seen some really cute pillows.  I've been waiting to recover my family room pillows until after Ella was done with spitting up so much.  She's destroyed those pillows!  I went to Joann Fabric to find something for another project and thought I'd look for some fabric for the pillows.  I found a beautiful brown, red and turquoise fabric but that would mean I'd have to make new curtains and buy a new rug....not gonna happen right now!  So I stuck to trying to find something that would match the curtains and rug.  That left only a few choices.  I found a pretty paisley pattern but the green was a little too lime and I needed something more olive.  I kept coming back to a simple stripe that would look really nice.  But were the stripes too boring?  Another thought....ruffles!  Now the plan was to actually make the pillows, where would I find the time?  Lunch hour I guess!  I started with the ruffle since we have a love hate relationship.  It turned out pretty good although it always kinks up on me but I managed to make it rather even looking.  Then the pillow part and next, inserting and sewing it up.  It turned out pretty good but guess what?  I've got another one to do!