Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where've you been??

You might think that I've fallen off the face of the earth because it's been so long since I've posted here but I honestly have a problem.  I have a problem posting incomplete projects.  I've got a ton of stuff that I've done but I can't bring myself to post pictures until they are 110% done.  My projects start with a vision and then it comes down to the little details that I can't commit to, those little details that bring the whole project together.

ie: the spare bathroom.  It's been done for months but I'm still on the hunt for a final piece to hang over the toilet.  Which is a good point, why does the toilet need a focal point?  Maybe to draw your eye away from the toilet?  Ok, sounds good to me.

The master bedroom curtains, they've been done for a month  now but I'm in the process of spray painting the curtain rods because I started with white but changed my mind to black so it's a lengthy process to take it all down spray paint a few coats and then put it back up.  I've got 2 done and have 2 more to do.

The master bathroom, that major overhaul is finally done but there is a little bit of touch up, caulking and a piece of artwork that I'm working on.  These things take time but I can't bring myself to post pictures of projects not done.

Ok, I promise to finish one of those this week and finally put up some pictures of projects.