Saturday, April 30, 2011

Race Car wall art

I've searched high and low for some type of wall art with cars or race cars and the main thing that I end up finding is for the movie Cars.  I don't want to invest too much into decorating Colin's room because Lord knows me and I'll change my mind after a short while.  Or Colin will change his mind and want something different.  My grandma made Colin a beautiful quilt with cars all over it so that's the theme for now.

I bought 2 blank canvases at Michael's and was sure to get the ones with the staples on the inside so the sides could be left un-framed.  I painted them a basic color and using my handy dandy silhouette machine, I searched for some cars.  I found a couple of race cars and used a simple font to cut out on black vinyl.  If I would have thought about it beforehand, I would have used white vinyl instead of black but again, this was a cheap project for the time being.

Because the paint was a matte finish and I wanted more of a gloss, I used Modge Podge to coat the whole canvas and to seal the vinyl.  It turned out very cute and just like I wanted.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mantle Decor

I found an idea for these pots a while back and honestly I can't remember which crafty blog I found them on.  But it's such a simple process and pretty cheap as you can use items from around the house.  I had 2 terracotta pots, some wall spackle and a little bit of spray paint. 

I'm sorry but I failed to take pictures of the step by step process of the pots but the general gist is to smear the spackle onto the pots and let it dry.  Rest assure, smear is a very technical term and it is a skill to smear in the right context for the over all look.  Ok, I'm full of crap, just slather it all over, there is no right or wrong process here.  After it's dry, spray paint.  D-O-N-E!

While they look ok for now, I'm not totally happy with the half ball topiary look so I will probably change it up into a full topiary since the nooks on my mantle will require a bit of height to book end the whole wall.  But for now, it's a done project in my book. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I recently found a great tutorial for making hair bows.  I can make a mean decorative bow but hair bows are a whole other beast.  I played around with them before Ella was born but quickly admitted defeat and resorted to buying the cute things but the problem is that I have an insane addiction to ribbon, lots of ribbon.  I have 2 storage totes full of ribbon.  So I decided that I needed to make a better attempt to learn to make hair bows.  Insert easy peasy tutorial!  I now have a reason to bust out all that pretty ribbon that I have stock piled.