Saturday, April 30, 2011

Race Car wall art

I've searched high and low for some type of wall art with cars or race cars and the main thing that I end up finding is for the movie Cars.  I don't want to invest too much into decorating Colin's room because Lord knows me and I'll change my mind after a short while.  Or Colin will change his mind and want something different.  My grandma made Colin a beautiful quilt with cars all over it so that's the theme for now.

I bought 2 blank canvases at Michael's and was sure to get the ones with the staples on the inside so the sides could be left un-framed.  I painted them a basic color and using my handy dandy silhouette machine, I searched for some cars.  I found a couple of race cars and used a simple font to cut out on black vinyl.  If I would have thought about it beforehand, I would have used white vinyl instead of black but again, this was a cheap project for the time being.

Because the paint was a matte finish and I wanted more of a gloss, I used Modge Podge to coat the whole canvas and to seal the vinyl.  It turned out very cute and just like I wanted.

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