Monday, September 26, 2011

More Pinterest projects

I focused on some organizing "pins" and jazzed up my kitchen. 

This one I bought a yard stick from Home Depot and cut it to the desired length, spray painted the sides and modge podged scrapbook paper to the front.  I screwed it onto the cabinet door and then measured out the spaces for my measuring spoons.  Voila!  I love this because it gets all my spoons out of the drawer and somewhere handy for easy access.  I'm not that fond of the rattling motion they make when I open the door but I'll get used to it.

This is the cabinet beneath the kitchen sink or everyone's household cleaner cabinet.  The "pin" was to use a tension rod but I know how flimsy those thing can be and that my cabinet was wide.  I bought a shower curtain rod for a stall, it's a little thinner but still has that extra strength needed to hold all sorts of bottles of cleaner.  I also didn't use it as a tension rod but as a regular rod and bought some closet rod hangers to install inside the cabinet.  I can't tell you how pretty this looks and gives me enough room to put the little box of cleaning brushes and sponges underneath.  It's all about using space and using space up top!  I had a picture of the before but can't find it so the after will be good enough.

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